The Pope Benedict XVI Schola was founded in February 2008. As the name indicates, I’m a big fan of Pope Emeritus Benedict, and I thank God for the liturgical and musical renewal he encouraged within the Church.

Our focus is the polyphonic music of the Renaissance. We also sing Gregorian chant and English chant.

We’re a small ensemble—currently 10 singers—but we began with an even smaller group. I had to cancel many rehearsals in the early days because when you have four or five members and two or three can’t come, there’s no point.

We’re in residence at Holy Ghost Church in Knoxville, and we sing for the 8 a.m. Mass on second and fourth Sundays. Holy Ghost has been a wonderful, welcoming host to us.

A number of our members also sing in the Holy Ghost choir; other members also sing at other Knoxville churches. It is not necessary that members be Catholic—merely that they love sacred music and devote themselves to learning it well and performing it as beautifully as possible.

On occasion we sing for special events at Holy Ghost and elsewhere (e.g., religious services, weddings, Christmas and Advent programs). Most years we sing a concert, although we’re currently overdue.

If you read music. have some choral experience, and are interested in investigating schola membership, please e-mail me.